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2022-05-28 00:08:51 By : Ms. Kyra Yu

Brigade Group has unveiled a large biowall at its ‘Opus’ project, a LEED Gold pre-certified Grade-A commercial office space in Hebbal. Located on the International Airport Road, “Brigade Opus’s recently completed project of huge height and scale is all set to take over the conventional glass facades of Bengaluru,” says Jaishankar, CMD, Brigade Group, the brainchild of the green wall.

A green wall is a vegetation growing on or against a vertical surface. Measuring 16 m height and 25 m in width, the 400 sq. m large biowall houses different species of plants such as Foxtail Fern, Moses-in-the-cradle, Lilyturf , Mondo grass, Pandan screw pine, and Money plant, with a total of 15,750 plants. “The biowall wasn’t created just for aesthetics. Apart from its visual appeal it will have direct positive impact on the tenants by keeping the interiors of the building cool and improving the air quality around it. The living wall can be automated and monitored with natural air purification and humidification. It also functions from the project’s own natural air filtration system,” explains Mr. Jaishankar.

Members of the Group said that the aluminium frame, biowall plant installation and independent modules are designed in a way to address space constraints and make for effective space utilisation. The sustainable design of the Greenwall with environmental engineering concepts has recycling, rainwater harvesting and zero wastage of water. The drip irrigation system consists of the main line, lateral pipes, drippers and misters supported by an overhead fresh water tank, with automatic timed sprinkler systems and dust misters to keep the greenwall constantly rejuvenated with a filter and fertilization unit supported by a 2000-litre fresh water tank. “By maximising both quality and quantity of the plants on the biowall, there will be more photosynthesis taking place,” says Mr. Jaishankar.

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