This is the lineup for the 2021 Milwaukee Film Festival

2021-11-12 10:09:41 By : Ms. Nancy Yu

In the next two weeks, you have a lot to do.

Early May usually marks the exciting start of the summer film season—at least for Milwaukee, this is still the case even during these strange times, because the 2021 Milwaukee Film Festival has advanced to spring and now runs until May 20. day. 

Although the dates this year may be different, your love for last year's Milwaukee Film Festival is back. On the one hand, although the Oriental Theater is still closed due to pandemics and maintenance, the film festival will be virtualized again, and almost all movies can be watched at any time (no annoying showtimes!) The easy-to-use Milwaukee Film app-available on Amazon Used on Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV and Android TV. (If you need a quick review of the lesson, please click here for how to do it.) As usual, the festival will take off during some virtual Q&A, bedtime drinks, group discussions and other activities to ensure that your movie experience will not end End credits.

Another thing has not changed? The Milwaukee Film Company has compiled a series of incredible movies for you to watch-over 200 choices, from short films to feature films, recent Oscar nominations to quirky comedies, animated adventure films and intense horror films, and even one A documentary starring pigs. (Your move, "Teacher Octopus".) There are many movies to feast this month-speaking of feasts, there is also a locally produced documentary about the pizza making process! As always, if you can't find anything in this batch of new movies worth the binge, then you may not like movies. 

To help you arrange the May movie event, we have assembled the entire lineup in one place-with a description provided by Milwaukee Films. (For a more detailed guide, please view the official PDF version here.) For more information and to purchase individual tickets or festival passes, please visit the Milwaukee Film Company website. Please continue to follow OnMilwaukee to learn more about Milwaukee Film Festival coverage-from selections to reviews, interviews and more! Opening night

"Tom Petty, where you feel free"-Combining unprecedented 16mm archive footage and new interviews with colleagues, director Mary Wharton conducted an in-depth study of Tom Petty as an artist and traced back The creative process of his groundbreaking album Wildflower. Driven by all the hits you know and love, this kind of unpretentious and intimate tribute to an early artist is not overly sad, but a strong proof and record of his creative process. Closing night

"Summer of Souls (...or, when the revolution cannot be broadcast on television)"-In his acclaimed debut as a filmmaker, Amir "Questlove" Thompson shows a powerful and infectious Documentary-partly a musical film, partly around an epic event celebrating black history, culture and fashion. "Summer of Souls" reveals the importance of history to our spiritual well-being and proves the healing power of music in turbulent past and present.

The rest of the lineup

"25 Weeks: Wisconsin Pizza Harvest"-Watch the farmer, filmmaker, and Renaissance general Charlie Tennson, with the help of his trusted hamster and three adorable donkeys, archive wheat from planting to harvest seed. This meditation journey that spans 25 weeks (Winter 2020 to Fall 2020) of weather, hard work and perseverance will allow you to appreciate food on a whole new level. Came to eat pizza, but stayed to live an idyllic life at a deliberate pace.

"Adam"-Abra and her daughter Varda run their Casablanca bakery and lead a peaceful life. When they took in Samia, a young pregnant woman who was looking for a shelter, their lives changed drastically. Abla's cold appearance slowly began to melt, because she clearly knew that she needed Samia's company, just as Samia needed a place to stay. Through baking delicious pastries, singing and not-so-subtle matchmaking, Abla, Warda and Samia have grown together to become stronger women.

"Anatomy of Wings"-This documentary chronicles the 12-year journey of a project in Baltimore that regularly meets to participate in video production courses. Girls in the community have the opportunity to use media technology to record their lives and surroundings, and eventually they will learn the experience of cooperation and solidarity to solve issues such as racial justice, gender identity, educational opportunities, and socio-economic inequality. The front is "Thinking of Thought" (Director Keyana Robinson)

"Baby"-"Baby" is a dark fairy tale about a drug addicted mother who, in despair, sold her newborn to a human trafficker. She soon regretted the decision and ventured into a ghastly forest to bring him back. Inspired by Gilmour del Toro and the Brothers Grimm, the Basque film producer Juanma Bajo Ulloa has constructed a world that is both grotesque and beautiful. This terrible story has no dialogue at all. It is composed of Rosie Day ("Strangers"), Harriet Sansom Harris ("Desperate Housewives") and Natalia Turna ("Game of Thrones"). , Harry Potter) starring.

"Bean"-adapted from real events, "Bean" recorded 78 days between two Mohawk communities in Quebec and government forces in the eyes of a 12-year-old girl played by an up-and-coming actress Kiawentiio in 1990 Confrontation. Director Tracey Deer used the adult genre to bring this little-known Canadian history to a still very important era. 

"The best summer ever"-we have the weapon you've been waiting for, it's not even a vaccine! The "Best Summer Ever" is partly "Grease", partly "Glee" and 100% pure fun. "Best Summer Ever" has eight highly infectious original songs and a fully integrated team of actors and people with disabilities. It is the perfect way to get rid of the quarantine downturn. Provide audio description version. 

"Bill Trelle: Chasing Ghosts"-Bill Trelle was born in slavery in 1853 and witnessed profound social and political changes throughout his life-across slavery, reconstruction, Jim Crow Isolation and big migration. In his 80s, despite his homeless life, he poured his rich experience and emotions into more than 1,000 works of art, and eventually became one of the most famous self-taught artists in the United States. This film balances interviews with Traylor's family, visual art and music, and is a must-see for any art lover.

"Black Lens Shorts: Facing Uncertainty", "Xingcheng", "Sudden Darkness", "Clear Sky", "Pandemic Chronicles", "White Weddings", "Drips Like Coffee"

"Black Lens Shorts: We Changed the Narrative", "Summon", "Don't Tell Your Mom", "Black Body", "Heartland", "Gold", "The Concerto is a Conversation"

"Bleeding Audio"-"Bleeding Audio" followed the Bay Area punk band The Matches from the origin of the high school garage to their national breakthrough (touring with Pure White Ts and signing the epitaph), experiencing their painful breakup, and in their The inspiring process culminated in a reunion in the transformation of the music industry in the late 1990s and early 2000s. This documentary has been enthusiastically loved by fans throughout, revealing that the "success" of the music industry may not be as obvious as people think.

"Call me a person"—In the language of Josephine Bacon, Innu means "person" and there is no word "poet". But Bacon cleverly traversed and redefined these contradictory identifiers in her life, and we can pay close attention to these identifiers in Kim O'Bomsawin's "Call Me Human". In this fascinating portrait of the legendary 70-something writer, songwriter, and documentary filmmaker, Bacon explores the huge landscapes that have shaped the language, culture and traditions of her people, which have been her life's work.

"Can you bring it: Bill T. Jones and D-Man in the water"-filmmakers Rosalind LeBron and Tom Hervitz show how dance can solve the AIDS epidemic, especially for LGBTQ The influence of the community. This film features the legendary choreographer Bill T. Jones, the original performer of the show, and LeBron’s dance class at Loyola Marymount University, allowing the audience to gain insights into the history and heritage of this work to commemorate the dance Anizane and Demian Aguivira.

"Cine Sin Fronteras Shorts" "Finally" "When You Clean the Stranger's House" "For Rosa" "Calladita" "Son's Name" "Since you came, my heart no longer belongs to me"

"Cocoon"-In the hot Berlin summer, teenager Nora experienced first love and self-acceptance. Nora is forced to play the third round of her boy's crazy sister and her best friend, and when the unconventional Romi appears, Nora's life changes. When Nora began to search for herself and insist on her identity, she was forced to choose between her sister and the mysterious Romei. Gorgeous filming, "Cocoon" is one of the best weird movies. 

"Going home in the dark"-Hoggy and his family went on a pleasant trip in the stunning wilderness of New Zealand. They met two mysterious strangers. It was soon discovered that this was malicious to the two. Although Hoaggie claimed that he didn't know why, he secretly suspected that his unpleasant past had come back to haunt him. The brutality and terror unfolding will make you guess again about your planned summer road trip. 

"Cowboy"-"Cowboy" will play the forever great Steve Zahn as a troubled father who will never let Joe be like him in their rural Montana hometown where they realize After living like himself, he wandered with his transgender son Joe. Full of meditation on identity, responsibility, and gorgeous Montana scenery, "Cowboy" will leave the audience with a lot of thoughts after the credits are over.

"Day"-The slow-moving master Cai Mingliang uses Kang Yufei's daily routines to return to form with almost speechless meditation on loneliness and intimacy. Enduring the pain of disease and treatment, Kang found himself wandering in a foreign country. Their quiet connection provides a moment of happiness before they have to part ways and resume their daily lives. "Heaven" is a must-see movie for movie fans.

"Death of Nintendo"-Manila in the 1990s. As Mount Pinatubo prepares to erupt, Paul and his friends have grown up. When frequent power outages interrupted their Nintendo games, they embarked on a new adventure. Through the unique lens of Raya Martin, rated as one of the 50 most important filmmakers under 50 by Cinema Scope, "Death of Nintendo" is a fascinating tribute to adolescence, a-la "Stand By Me"...but With circumcision. 

"God"-Dylan and his father have just started a new life after the tragic death of their mother. Dylan found a mysterious book in the closet, and read a story about the giant spirit, which is a magical beast that can fulfill his wishes. Dylan is dumb, so he wanted a voice, but he didn't realize that he had to survive the night at the mercy of the monster.

"Downstream to Kinshasa"-A portrait of a group of disabled survivors of the Six-Day War in the Democratic Republic of Congo when they went to Kinshasa to seek compensation that had been delayed for 20 years. During the journey, we witnessed the unwavering spirit of insisting on speaking the truth to power at all costs. Through this film, Dieudo Hamadi consolidated his position among the most important documentary workers today.

"The Dry"-adapted from the best-selling novel of the same name, "The Dry" tells the story of Aaron Falk (Eric Barner) returning home to attend a friend's funeral. The town is in shock from a seemingly murderous suicide incident, but Aaron uses his detective skills to find out what really happened. Aaron was haunted by another mysterious death in his youth, and when he had to face the suspect in every corner, he had to reconcile his present and past.

"Our end"-Nick and Leah just broke up. Leah felt good about this decision, until she drove into her abandoned work parking lot and found that everyone was working from home indefinitely. Why? Because it is March 2020, they broke up the day before the quarantine. "Our End" is a time capsule full of humor and sadness, and it will surely make the audience recognize anything that may happen in 2020.

"Freeland"-Krisha Fairchild returns to MFF as Devi, an elderly flower girl who was dragged to the earth after her California weed farm was captured without legal permission. Before her career and lifestyle became a thing of the past, she scrambled to rescue her harvest, and time was not good for her. This refreshing character study uses spirit and dreamlike cinematography as a supporting work of "Nomadic Country".

"The fruits of labor"-15-year-old Ashley woke up early to work in the fields while still working night shifts in the processing plant. During the day, she went to high school and dreamed of becoming the first person in her family to graduate, but the threat of ICE and deportation was looming. In this documentary, Emily Cohen Ibañez (Emily Cohen Ibañez) portrays a lyrical portrait of a young Latino. Like many people, she is the backbone of the family and at the same time in family responsibilities and personal accomplishments. Struggle between. 

"GenreQueer Shorts" "Self Story" "Drip Like Coffee" "Son's Name" "Dustin" "Flex" "Devenir" "Michel Is the Name of a Man in France" "Waiting Man"

"Gunda"-an executive produced by Joaquin Phoenix, "Gunda" tells the daily life of Norwegian farm animals. Gunda Pig raises her piglet with two cows and a one-legged chicken. As the movie progresses, you will understand why Paul Thomas Anderson called it a "pure movie... The stunning images and sounds combined with the best ensemble actors, what you have is more like a kind of Potions instead of movies."

"Hijo de Monarcas"-Mendel grew up in Michoacán, Mexico and was fascinated by monarch butterflies. Now he is a biologist living in New York who studies insects. After returning to Mexico after the death of his grandmother, he faced his past and reflected on his new identity. Like a butterfly, he also experienced his own transformation. "Hijo de Monarcas" combines science, nature, and folk religion into a grand and personal narrative.

"Holy Frit"-a large church in Kansas commissioned to build the world's largest stained glass window. A Los Angeles artist wowed them with his intricate design and promoted the small family stained glass studio he worked in. The only problem is that he doesn't know how to actually complete the work. Enter Narcissus Quagliata, the world-famous Italian glass master. Dealing with church schedules, tight budgets, and noisy personalities, these artists face the daunting challenge of turning the impossible into reality.

"Feeling of Freedom"-Yoruba Richen's latest documentary shows six black female artists (Lena Horne, Abbey Lincoln, Nina Simone, Diahann Carroll, Cicely Tyson, Pam Grier) whose talents and activism make them popular culture A transformative person in China. Based on Ruth Feldstein's book, this film documents the provocative ways that every woman challenges the entertainment industry, which tries to reduce them to marginalized roles and racist stereotypes.

"I blame the society"-extending the spirit of "pretend until you succeed" to its critical point, "I blame the society" is a clever satire that hits the empty Hollywood machine with a machete. Director Gillian Wallace Horvat (Gillian Wallace Horvat) as a struggling filmmaker... Gillian Wallace Horvat (Gillian Wallace Horvat) is fulfilling her idea of ​​committing the perfect murder During the simulation story of the case, a very real number of people was accumulated, which distorted her vision into something crazier than the method.

"I am a simple person"-an unforgettable meditation on death, "I am a simple person" tells the last few days of Masao, he looks back on his life on the north shore of Oahu . He was taken care of by his estranged grandchildren, and comforted by the ghost of his late wife, and was well taken care of by the always outstanding Constance Wu. Director Christopher Makoto Yogi has consolidated his promising voice in the American independent film industry with his poetic and rich filmmaking style.

"In Silico"-attracted by neuroscientists' bold claims to build computer simulations of the entire human brain in just 10 years, Noah Hutton ("Lapsis", MFF2020) decided to document this process and check the surrounding global excitement every year. The project Increase with the growth of funds. However, as the project became more and more influenced by self and ambition, a group of scientists expressed their skepticism. A fascinating documentary that shows the humanity behind science.

"Inheritance"-filmmaker Ephraim Asili quoted his own experience in the black liberation organization, telling a story about a community of young black artists and activists in a house in west Philadelphia. He combines novels and documentary conventions in the tradition of Jean-Luc Godard's La Chinoise (La Chinoise), showing the history of the MOVE organization, as well as Sonia Sanchez and How Ursula Rucker's poem informs them of what they are seeking to achieve in this field.

"Jacinta"-sympathy and continuous exploration of the genetic nature of trauma, "Jacinta" followed three generations of women in their efforts to find a stable life through years of dependence. Jessica Earnshaw's debut novel is full of heartbreak and hope, considering the complexity of female addiction and recidivism, and the impact of the cancer cycle on generations of mothers and daughters.

"Jackie & Oopjen"-When Oopjen walked out of a Rembrandt painting to find her sister, the 12-year-old Jackie was determined to help this conspicuously dressed newcomer, without the knowledge of her museum curator and mother In case of receiving her as a tenant. Can these BFFs spend their adolescence in Amsterdam in the 21st century and keep Oopjen's identity secret long enough to reunite Oopjen with her sister? Noisy, stylish and sweet "Jackie & Oopjen" will make the whole family happy. 

"Children's Shorts: Large", "Matilda and Spare Head", "Kapamahu", "OTANIMM/ONNIMM (Father/Daughter)", "Promise", "Sol", "Mother Don't Know", "Happy Children", and "Ice Breaker" By"

"Children's Shorts: Medium" "Last Supper" "Ramon" "Talia" "Louis Shoes" "Matilda and Spare Head" "Umbrella" "Corza" "Kiri and Lou – Shine Your light"

"Children's Shorts: Trumpet", "Tulips", "mm's Movies", "Curious Children and Animals", "Cracks on the Sidewalk", "Boys and Owls", "Kiri and Lu-Air" "Symphony of Kenya" "Running on the mountain ""leaf"

"The last matinee"-Jarrow is still alive in Uruguay. A murderer follows the audience in a run-down movie theater in Montevideo. When the audience was savagely selected one by one, the heroic projectionist decided to save the day and face this crazy killer. A film made for film lovers, you will be happy to find references for filmmakers like Dario Argento and Bigas Luna. Bathed in blood and neon lights, "The Last Matinee" has never made a move.

"Love Like Winter"-Dr. Artel Great's debut is a romantic drama set in Chicago, telling the story of two former lovers reuniting for the first time in ten years. On a magical winter afternoon, they relived their old memories and opened the way to rediscover the chemical reactions they once shared. This is the first part of the "Love Cycle" series, presenting romance and the true meaning of falling in love in a modern way.

"Luchadoras"-Ciudad Juárez has one of the highest female killing rates in the world. In this context, we met three brave women, luchadoras (female wrestlers), who were fighting both inside and outside the ring. They fight drug violence and misogyny to redefine the meaning of Mexican women. The filmmakers Paola Calvo and Patrick Jasim painted us a primitive, provocative and indomitable portrait, just like the woman who constitutes its heart. The front is "Black Foot Boxing: Not Invisible (Director Christine Lapas, Tom Rinaldi)

"Ludi"-Shein Mompremier's low-key performance, "Ludi" tells the physical and emotional limits of a woman who chased the American dream in the Little Haiti community in Miami. As a nurse, she regularly receives the latest news from her family (and requests for money), and also strives for extra overtime with colleagues. The writer/director Edson Jean drew inspiration from his mother's immigration experience and told a personal, interesting and inspiring story.

"Luzzu"-Jesmark is proud to inherit his father's footsteps and become a Mediterranean fisherman, but when his newborn son needs special medical treatment, his dream job is untenable. When he chooses to work on his heirloom luzzu ship or on a polluted, fuel-guzzling ship, the tension between heritage and consumerism couldn't be more obvious. As a rare window into the way of life in Malta, "Luzzu" is a sun-drenched neo-realistic story about tradition and progress.

"MC Escher: Journey to Infinity"-This inspiring documentary features the Dutch graphic artist's own words (narrated by Stephen Fry), exploring his famous works through little-known lenses. Using animation to help us watch these works again in a new way, the audience is asked to reconsider Escher’s celebrities, where the philosophical power and profound levels of his scientific thoughts and biographical details constitute his worldview.

"Beauty, my beauties"-musicians Bertie and Fred are settling down in their new lives in the French province because their past bombings have changed everything: their former polysexual partner Ryan. Ryan's arrival rekindled the old feelings and uncovered the old wounds, because the three tried to find themselves in the beautiful French countryside. Featuring a fascinating soundtrack, "Beauty, My Beauty" is a refreshing interpretation of the complexity and drama of multiple relationships.

"Mother Gloria"-Lucina Fisher's documentary is a touching and fascinating portrayal of Gloria Allen. Gloria used to be the mainstay of the pull-ball culture in the Southern District of Chicago in the 1960s, but she will persevere through traumatic violence and become the leader and matriarch of the community, giving unconditional love. The glamour school she created for young transgender people will inspire a popular drama "Charm", documenting her journey as a black, seventy-something, transgender icon and an elderly person.

"Manzanar, Diverted: When the water turns into dust"-Tracing the rivers and trails (and now roads) of the Payahuunadü Valley, the "land of flowing water" sits between the mountains, and "Manzanar, Diverted" weaves together the humanities of these landscapes And geography and history. Director Ann Kaneko raised the voice of intergenerational female groups representing Native Americans, environmentalists, and Japanese-American prisoners of World War II. They formed an unexpected alliance to defend these lands and waters from the imminent metropolis of Los Angeles and industrial worms. Change.

"The Meaning of Hitler"-Taking inspiration from Sebastian Hafner's famous work "The Meaning of Hitler," Petra Eppelin and Michael Tucker set out to explore Hitler's current white nationalism and Implications in the wave of anti-Semitism. This Herzogian documentary features interviews with historians and scholars such as Martin Amis and Saul Friedlander, as well as time spent with Nazi hunters, microphone technologists, and the curator of the U.S. Army’s confiscated art collection, providing an unexpected , A refreshing but thought-provoking journey to help us understand why this history is still urgent.

"Milwaukee Show I", "Gold", "Xiong Zhaozhe", "Trustwormy", "Home", "Woman and the Sea" Spaders-"Justice Overdue", "Perennial Pilot"

"Milwaukee Show II" Fuzzysurf-"She's Crying Sugar" "Greenhorn" "Spontaneous" "Beckoning" Puzzle-"Scenes like this" Beth Lipman-"House Album" "Wiggle Room"

"Milwaukee Youth Show" "Visit Milwaukee" "Remember" "Miao Women" "Isolation" "Distance" "Service" "How I Write Stories" "If You Need Me" "Dangerous Days" "Guardian" "Impermanence" "Two People's Table", "Mimi's Bakery", "Olympic Dolls", "Crimson Lilac", "Sense"

"Misha and the wolves"-Misha de Fonseca's story sounds too good to be true-an orphan hiding in the woods and living among wolves to escape the massacre-but Misha inspired Everything she encountered. However, when the publisher of her memoirs began to uncover a corner of the story, it became a twisty detective story that you will never see. Hobkinson's film ultimately requires us to examine truth, faith, and trauma in the most tangled stories.

"My donkey, my lover and me"-School teacher Antoinette discovered that her and her secret lover Vladimir's vacation plan was frustrated by his wife, who traveled to Severn Mountain National Park It surprised him. In a frivolous plan, Antoinette booked the same trip to the Cévennes for herself and embarked on an unfortunate and scenic expedition, as well as her trusted trekking partner Patrick stealing the donkey.

"My heart is beating!"-"Mamma Mia" fans cheer! Maria is a young dancer who wants to bring color and joy to the monotonous and oppressive world of Spain in the 70s. She dreams of becoming a TV star, but her sexy, provocative dance is too much for strict and formal censors. Inspired by "Mamma Mia" and "Hairspray", director Nacho Álvarez (Nacho Álvarez) produced a gorgeous production design and Italian singer Raffaella Carrà (Raffaella Carrà) hit song A musical comedy featuring taboo love.

"My name is Baghdad"-Baghdad is not like other girls; she wears short hair and high pants when she skates in the working-class slums of São Paulo. She lives in a house with equally strong-willed and free-spirited women. When she met a group of female skaters, her world was torn apart. Caru Alves de Souza's film won the Berlin Crystal Bear Award for its story of power not to avoid violence, sexism and discrimination, sisterhood and love. 

"Night of the Kings"-La Maca is a prison in Côte d'Ivoire, managed by prisoners. When the newcomer arrives on the night when the red moon rises, he will enter a storytelling ceremony and become the new king of the prison, known as the "Roman". Rolling Stone magazine called it "a movie steeped in myths and rituals, full of secrets, history and imagination-with a clear vision of the politics of Côte d’Ivoire."

"No Ordinary Man"-Billy Tipton (1914-1989) was one of the great jazz band leaders, and since his death, he has become a transgender icon. This unconventional documentary tells the story of a group of young transgender artists rebuilding Billy's life and work. Through music, performances and interviews, Tipton’s legacy has been reshaped as one of the great transgender icons of the 20th century. "Extraordinary People" is one of the must-watch documentaries this year.

"Not Quiet"-When grassroots lawyer and activist Ady Barkan was diagnosed with ALS while welcoming his first child, he initially turned to heart. But an accidental encounter with Senator Jeff Fleck on the plane helped him find his voice again. This inspiring tear-jerking documentary tells the truth and image of him as a staunch advocate for access to healthcare for all journey of.

"Nudo Mixteco"-the annual patron saint festival held in a small village in Mexico is the background of three intertwined stories. Maria went home to bury her father and rekindled her old love. It was only after Esteban returned that his wife had left. Facing her daughter's abuse, Tona relived her trauma. Writer/director Ángeles Cruz weaves a powerful drama in which three indigenous women respond to the upheaval caused by the return home.

"Once in Venezuela"-On the edge of Lake Maracaibo in Venezuela is the small floating village of Mirador, Congo. Now sinking into sediments, this once prosperous fishing community is disintegrating after years of ecological and economic neglect. The sensitive and bold Oscar works of Anabel Rodríguez Ríos focus on two powerful women who represent different views in this story, allowing us to immerse ourselves in the protection of cultural heritage and preservation of politics The human reality in the battle of relevance.

"Wolf Patrol"-Meet Rod Coronado. Once sentenced to prison for ecological terrorism, he has since dedicated his life to the wolf patrol-legal observation and recording of hunters to reduce the use of problematic practices (bear bait, unsupervised dogs), These practices have exacerbated the conflict between wolves, humans and dogs. The film is mainly set in northern Wisconsin, transcending Coronado’s celebrity status, and asking us to consider the complex tensions between indigenous and government land use and wildlife management.

"Pink Cloud"-a mysterious and poisonous pink cloud enveloped the earth, everyone was forced to hide indoors. Giovana eventually squatted down against a bedside table, but she hardly knew that he would be her partner in the next few years. Extend the isolation lifestyle to the extreme, and you will laugh and cry in a very familiar situation. This dystopian drama is so close to home, you wouldn't believe it was filmed in 2019.

"Playing with Sharks"-Sally Aitken's adventure documentary uses incredible underwater photography to tell the story of Valerie Taylor, a living legend and Idol. From her fascinating career as a diver and hunter in the 1950s to her equally fascinating role as a shark conservationist (putting her on the "Great White Shark!"), Valerie's story will give you a better understanding of the importance of sharks to us Marine ecosystems and how to help protect them.

"Poly Styrene: I Am a Cliche" – As the lead singer of X-Ray Spex (and the first woman of color in the UK to lead such a successful band), Poly Styrene introduces a new voice of rebellion. Using punk as a vehicle for social commentary, her work is the main source of inspiration for the riot grrl and Afropunk movements. After her death, her daughter began to understand her legacy, unraveled their own worrisome relationship, and eventually griefed.

"America's Potato Dream"-This autobiographical story tells the story of a single mother living in the Soviet Union and her young gay son. Their obsession with pirated Hollywood movies led them to immigrate to the United States through the mail order bride service, but when they arrived, things didn't go as expected. "American Potato Dream" adopts a vivid man-made style and is a funny movie unlike any movie you have ever seen.

"Prepare to be together for an unknown time"-Marta met the love of her life while attending the neurosurgery residency training in the United States. They agreed to reunite in Budapest a year later and start their lives, but when Marta arrived, her soulmate claimed that he did not know her. With the work of Krzysztof Kieslowski and Claire Denis, director Lili Horvát established his strong vision in the European film industry with this mysterious romantic film.

"Quo Vadis, Aida?"-Aida is a UN interpreter in the small town of Srebrenica. When the Serbian army took over the town, her family was one of thousands of citizens looking for shelter in the UN camp. She faces a tension between professional responsibility and the responsibility to protect her family. This tense thriller will make you sit on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

"The Ram"-Iceland's most popular Australian remake (MFF2016), "The Ram" followed the brothers Colin (Sam Neal) and Rice (Michael Carton) through decades of long-term discord. This competition between brothers and sisters was manifested through their sheep farming, until a rare disease began to spread among the sheep and the authorities were forced to clear all sheep in the valley. This foreign enemy may be just enough to make the brothers reconcile, but can they save their herd?

"Rebel Dykes"-a punk mashup of archive footage, animations and interviews, this documentary documents the illegal dykes culture in Britain in the 1980s. A group of artists, activists, sex workers, and excluded, "Rebel Levee" recapitulates the groundbreaking struggle of the sexually active BDSM leather levee, because they not only fight against conservative governments and religious oppression, but also against others. The lesbian struggle with gender phobia. police. "This is an unapologetic history about the dike that paved the way for our rights today.

"Rebellious Heart"-with incredible access to archives, a new documentary from MFF2017 alumni Pedrokos ("Curved Arc") examines the sisters of Mary's Immaculate Heart in an unprecedented way, she In the 1960s, he bravely stood up to the Catholic Church and challenged the unequal status of women in the church. Finally decided to create a conscious community dedicated to education, art and all kinds of justice, these women will inspire you with their bravery and unremitting beliefs.

"Red Paradise"-this is the true story of six people who were selected to live in the dome of a Hawaiian lava field... "Red Paradise" tells of an experiment designed to inform NASA's human exploration path The true story of Mars. Ask what the limits of human isolation might be. These years of isolation will make us familiar in 2021, but will also help us envision the lives of astronauts in a fascinating way.

"Rez Metal"-I Don't Konform is a heavy metal band from the Navajo Nation in Arizona. They use their music to inspire a community destroyed by suicide. They attracted the attention of the acclaimed Metallica producer Flemming Rasmussen, who joined their hooghan band and began recording their next album. "Rez Metal" is a streamlined celebration of the spirit of heavy metal and a striking portrayal of a community that guides their primitive emotions, morals and hope through music.

"Rita Moreno: Just a girl who decided to do it"-she got EGOT! Rita Moreno (Rita Moreno) grew up in poverty on a farm in Puerto Rico and immigrated to New York, where her mother worked as a tailor, studied dance, then went to Broadway, and then went on the screen all the time, as a Latino representative. An unparalleled path has been opened up. Along the way, she also managed to win all important awards (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony), and she is almost 90 years old, she has not slowed down! 

"See You Then"-Ten years after they broke up, Kris, a transgender woman, met her former cisgender, Naomi, to catch up. What started as a casual conversation about their lives quickly turned into a hang-up of the past, unresolved problems, and the disintegration of personal discoveries. A rare drama that examines the chaos of transgender experience from the perspective of a transgender film producer, "See You Then" explores the miracle of how transformation can save lives, but it does not magically solve all your problems.

"Shorts: Let's Animate" "Pain Love Company" "Kkum" "Beyond Noh" "Hunting" "Souvenirs" "Coup Mathematics" "Black Hole!" "Opera"

"Short Films: Strange Than Novels", "57 Days", "Tiger and Bull", "Games", "Survival 101: In Case of Complete Disappearance", "BABA"

"Shorts: Surprise, surprise!" "White Wedding", "Find Me", "Apocalypse", "Lynx" "You Don't Understand", "Rescue", "David"

"Shorts: The best damn F*#@ing midnight show ever. Sh*t." "Ghost dog" "Each" "Don't reply to text messages" "Da-Da" "Bubble" "Run that shit"

"Siam Bond"-Stella (Valeria Lois, "Sleepwalker") took care of her sick mother Clotta ( Rita Curtis, "Wild Stories"). She thinks this is her last hope of independence, and Crota thinks this is the end of their relationship. The two embarked on a bus tour to visit these properties, a trip that might break their overly intimate bond.

"Since I Fallen"-Gilda Sheppard's documentary looks at Tacoma, Washington in the early 1990s, where elected officials passed a three-strike law in response to gang activity. Increases, escalation of crime and increased poverty. The imprisonment of residents of economically impoverished communities in Tacoma reflects the results of the abolition of discretionary parole in states such as Washington (and Wisconsin). Those who are imprisoned use their educational work to obtain healing, forgiveness and dignity.

"The Transistor Sisters"-Narrated by Laurie Anderson, "The Transistor Sisters" is a superb archival documentary that restores the centrality of women to the origins of electronic music. This story about how we listen features Clara Rockmore, Delia Derbyshire, Susanna Ziani, etc., and shows how the new device can open music to the entire sound field, and how to change the production model. Changed the terminology of musical thought.

"Sleepwalker"-In this Oscar work submitted by Argentine film producer Paula Hernández, family tensions heat up during the summer. Luisa's (Erica Rivas, "Wild Tales") teenage daughter Anna inexplicably starts sleepwalking at night, which puts pressure on her broken marriage with the domineering Emilio. The exquisite photos feature subtle performances, and the film slowly creates an explosive and cathartic climax.

"Some kind of paradise"-the village in central Florida is the world's largest retirement community, with more than 130,000 people. Following four residents who are struggling to find their place in an extremely homogeneous culture, this character study delves into the whimsy, mediocrity and strangeness of life when you have nothing to do and do all day long. With magnificent photography techniques, Oppenheim presents a serene and surrealistic picture in this "Retiree Disney World".

"Spring Valley"-Starting with a viral video of a white school security guard dropping a black teenager from her desk at Columbia Spring Valley High School in South Carolina, this film tells the unstoppable Vivienne Anderson , She subsequently moved from Brooklyn to Columbia. The focus of this incident was to improve the future of black girls and end the over-regulation of our school. The film conducts powerful interviews with all parties involved in the incident, showing a system that no longer applies to any of them.

"Stop making meaning"-still our favorite tradition, this year we encourage you to use the largest and loudest screen you have to build your own virtual, outdoor and safe or home dance party. Don’t miss the opportunity to dance with the greatest concert movie of all time, Jonathan Demme’s "Stop Making Sense" starring Talking Heads. Next year, we look forward to making the Conga series again.

"Stray"-Just like the favorite "Kedi" (MFF2016), Elizabeth Lo's contemplative documentary takes us to the streets of Istanbul, this time focusing on its canine residents rather than cats. Looking at the city from the perspective of a dog, and interspersed with the Greek philosopher Diogenes’ quotation, “Wandering” requires us to not only regard dogs as a reliable companion of knowledge, but also as human codes, especially when we are more and more The more people encounter these streets when they encounter displaced humans.

"Junior Screen Short Film: After Dark", "Yandere", "Hekademia", "Promise", "The Siren's Tail", "The Boy and the Owl", "Souvenirs", "My Friends Who Shine in the Night"

"Youth Short Film: Self/Image", "When I Write It", "Under the Shadow of Pine Trees", "Self Story", "Happy Child", "Kapamahu", "OTANIMM/ONNIMM (father/daughter)", "Son's" Name" "Devenir" "Tape"

"This is not a funeral, but a resurrection"-Mantoya, played by Mary Tevala, is fascinating. She is an elder in a Lesotho village who will be resettled to make way for the reservoir construction project. When her home and history were flattened, Mantoya refused to stand by for obvious reasons. The breathtaking countryside of Lesotho is skillfully captured by impeccable photographic techniques, with such meticulous attention to the setting, each shot is more like a painting than a movie.

"Three Ways to Look at Milwaukee"-These three shorts look at Milwaukee from different angles and combine them to present a prismatic perspective of our city. From the fascinating auction world to the voices of black youth telling their own stories, to symphonic portraits of the buildings and shadows of downtown Milwaukee-these three films are sincere and true love letters to the city and its people.

"True Mother"-After a long and failed pregnancy struggle, Rizi and her husband decided to adopt a child. When they raised little Asato, they experienced the ups and downs of parenthood standards, but still felt lucky to have a son. One day, Xiaoguang, who claimed to be Mari's biological mother, contacted them, and she hoped that he would come back. "True Mother" is a gentle film that explores motherhood in various forms.

"Work harder"-Although Asian Americans are the norm at Lowell High School in San Francisco, for a group of students who are going through the high-risk process of applying for a dream university, the concept and pressure of the "model minority" myth is increasing Bigger. Debbie Lum's timely film reveals that the American school system is full of exhausted students, in the ever-surpassing cycle of capital competition-"achievement." Fresh, direct and eye-opening, "Try Harder" is a must-see show for teenagers, families and educators. 

"Underplayed"-"Underplayed" uses a whirlwind summer music festival to illustrate the underrepresentation of women in the electronic music industry. This documentary focuses on relatively celebrity DJs (Rezz, Alison Wonderland) and lesser-known but rising figures (Tygapaw, Sherelle). This documentary explores the creation and perpetuation of gender (and other) inequalities in the music industry. Missing a sweaty late night at the Marcus Amphitheater? This movie will fill this gap and challenge you to consume more equitably at a time.

"Undine"-Christian Petzold (director of MFF2018's most popular "Transit") returns to our screen with the mysterious fable "Undine". Christoph was fascinated when he met the charming Undine in her history lecture. Their relationship developed into romance, but Christophe felt that Anding had concealed a secret from him. It's ridiculous to think about it, but will Undine be the legendary revenge mermaid?

"When Claude was shot"-Claude Motley was shot while visiting Milwaukee to attend a high school reunion. He realized that gun violence and the traumatic ripples it caused could not escape. When he discovered that his assailant was shot by another attempted victim only two days later and is now paralyzed, this complicates the idea of ​​treating any such crime as a single crime. This documentary tracks the case through the criminal justice system, asking how and if these cycles can be broken.

"Who are we: The Chronicle of American Racism"-Jeffrey Robinson (and Marquette graduate), deputy legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union, intertwined lectures, personal anecdotes, interviews and very unknown history , Proposed a must-read anti-negro introductory book in the United States, not calling anyone out, but calling everyone to explore these histories and find humanity and empathy in these stories. Anyone living in the United States in 2021 should not miss it. You will think about and talk about this movie in the next few years.

"Wojnarowicz"-David Wojnarowicz (VOY-n?-ROH-vitch) is the main voice surrounding the AIDS crisis in the art world of queer activists in New York City. In this fiery documentary, director Chris McKim combines Wojnarowicz's paintings, photos, music, movies, answering machine information and memories of his community (including the unparalleled Fran Lebowitz) to trace his legacy of impeccable ways to the world In this world, individuals and politics are entangled.

"Runaway Woman"-Gamhee went to visit some friends while her husband was on a business trip. At first glance, she seemed to pass by while passing through the town, and soon after, a shared history surfaced. With his unique humor and elegance, Hong Sangxiu has woven a network of interconnected philosophies and coincidences with a simple premise. "Fleeing Woman" is a subtle and powerful examination of the large and small dramas faced by women everywhere.

"Women are losers"-Celina Guerrera (Lorenza Izzo) is a Catholic girl who grew up in San Francisco in the 1960s. She was smart and full of potential until an unexpected pregnancy changed her life, forcing her to face a system that often left ethnic minorities and single mothers behind. Lissette Feliciano's debut work is named after Janis Joplin's song, which provides a fresh and timely examination of radical feminism through the perspective of culture, class and identity.

"Working Queen"-Ed Popil is a 47-year-old telemarketer who lives in the suburbs of Buffalo and plays the role of the queen superstar Mrs. Kasha Davis (Mrs. Kasha Davis) . This intimate documentary follows Popier/Kasha in the "Rubaoer's Drag Race" through the fiercely competitive drag world. Young stars ignore the older queen, and fame is not always like hype. "Workhorse Queen" is a thought-provoking portrayal of Popil's struggle with drug addiction and shows the work behind the magnificence.

"Writing with Fire"-This exciting documentary is reminiscent of the work of Ramona Diaz ("A Thousand Dollars", "The Motherland") of MFF alumni, and introduces the audience to the back of Khabar Lahariya, India's only newspaper run by Dalit The fearless reporter ("untouchable") female. In these female stories, directors Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh demonstrated the power of the media and the power to speak the truth to power, no matter where, by whom or how.

"Wuhan Wuhan"-Yung Chang ("Upper Yangtze River", Chinese heavyweight, MFF2012) captured the dignity and kindness of five ordinary people who were in trouble during the first COVID-19 lockdown in Wuhan, China. From a classic real perspective, this documentary strips away statistics and reveals the human nature (sometimes humorous) found in daily life in a completely different era. In the end, this film has the ability to remind us of our common experience as a global community without borders.

"You will die at the age of 20"-At the naming ceremony of her son, a chief predicts that Sakina's child Muzamil will die at the age of 20. Muzamil was troubled by this prophecy and promised to live as pious as possible. When he was 19 years old, he met a traveler who told him about the world outside his Sudanese village and was skeptical of this doom prophecy. Slowly, but surely, Muzamil began to question his fate and his beliefs, and his 20th birthday was getting closer. 

"Young Warriors"-Cosme and his wife Maria have been eager to participate in a festival in Barbalha. When they decided to finally remove this from their wish list, they took their son Benedito, nephew Matheuzinho and niece Bruna on a series of adventures in their (somewhat suspicious) jeep. Young travel companions will encounter ancient landscapes and history, which now look new, different, and even miracles. Despite their differences, this trip will connect these three friends for life. 

Although it is a cliché to say that one has always been passionate about movies, Matt Mueller has always been passionate about movies. Whether it's bringing the latest film reviews for his first-year shows and narrations, or writing film reviews for the St. Norbert College era as a high school student, Matt is too obsessed with movies for his own benefit.

When he doesn't write the latest blockbuster or talks about "Piranha 3D" too enthusiastically, he may find that Matt is watching almost any sport (excluding cricket) or working at-get this-at a local movie theater. Or watch a movie. Yes, he may be watching a movie.