How to prevent water leakages

2022-05-28 00:10:26 By : Ms. Angela Zhang

Hyderabad: Water has a tendency to expand when it freezes and the ice exceeds the volume of the pipes and this can cause cracks. One hairline crack is enough to expand with time and it may cause leaks once the pressure of water goes up. There are multiple reasons why water leak happens inside the house and here are a few:

Fragmented seals When an appliance is installed, the contractor makes sure to put seals around all water connectors and with time, the seal starts to break. If you notice condensation on or near your appliance then it is a case of a broken seal.

Clogged lines Clogged drains cause inconvenience and most of us have faced it at some time or the other and these can lead to overflowing or burst pipes.

Corrosion This is the main reason for water leaks inside most houses. Over time the plumbing system ages and the rust eats away pipes. If you notice any rust on your pipes then be aware that it’s damage. If you have an older plumbing system, make sure to replace the pipes.

Defaced pipe joints Most pipe joints aren’t easily visible and you have to dig deep to understand the functioning. If you have noisy pipes, especially when you turn on the hot water, chances are that your pipe joints are under significant pressure.

Surplus water pressure High water pressure may feel nice, but excessive of it can destroy your pipes and while most pipes and faucets can withstand up to a specific level of water pressure, any extra pressure could cause leaks.

Tree roots Most common water leaks actually start outside your home and not inside. Tree roots are capable enough to intrude on water lines causing moisture to seep outside and till the yard.

Loose water joint Sometimes the hoses or pipes that supply your appliances with water become loose thus, causing a leak and often loose water connectors occur at the time of shifting a house.

Rapid temperature changes Extreme temperature changes forces the pipes to expand and contract. This expansion and contraction may lead to cracks in the pipes, especially when caused by freezing temperatures.

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