Use dish soap and/or garden hose to locate leaks in the air cushion

2021-12-06 16:24:24 By : Mr. Jason Huang

After sleeping on a low-quality air mattress for many years, you finally decide to invest in a good one. Maybe it even has special features-such as a built-in air pump, or thicker.

You are confident about your purchase until one morning, after sleeping on an inflatable mattress, you wake up feeling like a pool float that needs more air. Somehow, the curse of the air cushion came again.

Of course, this may be a problem with the valve, but it may also be a hole. Although very annoying, these vulnerabilities are really hard to find. In an article on, Tony Carrick shared two ways to locate leaks. This is something to know.

Although your leak may be the result of a hole, it is also possible that the air valve is not properly secured (some have double locks and require you to push them in twice). Carrick explained that as long as you are in the area, check for any tears or tears in the material around the air valve. If everything there seems to be normal, then it's time to find the hole.

Add some detergent to the spray bottle filled with water. "Dishwashing detergent makes the solution more viscous, allowing it to stick to the surface of the mattress long enough for you to find the leak," Carrick wrote.

Then, spray the solution on different parts of the air mattress, starting from where it is more likely to leak, such as the area around the valve, and then the seams. When you encounter a hole, you will know because the solution will start to bubble and/or you will be able to see where the air escapes.

As long as you have done this, you may wish to continue spraying the mattress to prevent multiple holes and as a way to clean the whole thing. When you find a hole, mark it with tape or a permanent marker so you can know exactly where it needs to be repaired.

This method is very similar to the method of using dishwashing liquid, in fact, you can always start with dishwashing liquid and spray the mattress with a garden hose-not only to rinse it, but also to help identify any possible rogue holes Already missed.

Make sure that the mattress is as fully inflated as possible and placed on a flat surface, such as a patio or driveway. Then start spraying hoses on different parts of the air cushion (use a sprayer attachment, or block part of the opening in the house with your thumb, so it is a fan of water and not just a stream). Likewise, if you see bubbles forming in any particular area, investigate more carefully, as you most likely have found a hole.

Dr. Elizabeth Yuko is a bioethicist and adjunct professor of ethics at Fordham University. She has written for The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Atlantic, Rolling Stone, CNN and Playboy.

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