30 Unique, Renaissance, Modern, Postmodern, Paintings, in Plain English with Virtual Guidance throughout

2022-05-29 03:16:46 By : Ms. Lucy Lee

AVE MARIA, Fla. (PRWEB) May 10, 2022

“I just went through the site in depth. Excellent!! Seriously! It is educational, entertaining, detailed, and during this time of traveling "virtually" through life, the visitor is able to thoroughly enjoy the experience of visiting a museum, taking a professional guided tour, and "delving" completely into the painting. And the added bonus? The visitor can spend as much time as possible experiencing the history and beauty of the painting. So, which one did I choose? "Le Pipe." I am usually drawn to the Renaissance era, but I have seen several of the choices, and this Magritte, called out to me. Maybe because my dad smoked a pipe? The Francophile in me? Who knows? Anyway, I so enjoyed learning about Magritte (clicking tabs a plus!)- The Treachery of Images- what I enjoy as well is to interpret things. The file is very well organized breaking down the "era & artist" "painting" "history and culture." And the piece of resistance? The section that gives the reader the opportunity to describe, analyze, and interpret the painting. And you even give the visitor a Contact Form to ask questions. MARION, R. —2-12-2022

“I opened and read it all. A very enjoyable read and I learned a few things I did not know. Recognized a few of the paintings (Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup! The Swing was my favorite! and I knew of Hockney’s work). And your explanation of the read was perfect for a person like me. I will be able to read this enjoyably over & over. Thank you so much. Delectable!” DIANE R. —2-19-2022

“Strom: This is a beautiful website you have created. I love it; I just opened the Arnolfini Portrait which I have seen before and got so much more detail from your analysis that I never noticed. I have spent about 20 minutes just on this one. Looking forward to explore many more pictures. Thank you for this gift.” SHIRLEY M.—2-23-2022

“Strom Scherie's 30 selections illustrate Western Art History composed of Renaissance, Modern and Postmodern eras - a daunting process by all measures. Her methods break down universal elements into easy-to-understand units. H.S. teachers, students, Fine Art enthusiasts and docents, who wish to learn how to look, analyze and imagine fine works of art, will benefit.”

“I appreciate that she chose to share her expansive knowledge and rich docent experience in this way. Even the most informed can pick up interesting tidbits of obscure information. And … It was difficult but certainly fun to choose my favorite, as all are representative of the highest levels of fine art.”

“Conor Walton, an Irish painter, was my special surprise. I wondered why his work, Veiled, was chosen as the opener. Now I understand; he synthesizes all three eras with his incongruous juxtaposition and beautiful technique. I am glad I left his work to the last. Now at leisure, I can return to the program at random and enjoy various videos used to enhance the narrative. In my opinion, Ms. Scherie has presented a valuable tool for anyone interested in delving into Fine Art “ R. L. M.—MUSEUM DOCENT—2-25-2022

Docent’s Guide: 30 Great Artists & Their Paintings, Renaissance, Modern, and Postmodern eras

1. Menu Bar. Terms of Use & Privacy Policy 2. Era & Artist. Painting. History & Culture. 3. Describe. Analyze. Interpret & Conclude. 4. Essential Topics: Elements of Art/ Principles of Design 5. Contact me for help. Sources.

Strom Scherie’s attraction to Fine Arts began when she strolled the halls of New York City museums, with her family, on Sunday afternoons. Later, the undergraduate at Drexel University got a call from her sweetheart with news of a job right up her alley, in Frankfort, Germany. The new assistant, to the Director of American Youth Activities, arranged, escorted, and introduced U.S. Air Force servicemen’s children to European culture.

Decades later, a fateful move to Connecticut lands Strom 20-minutes from the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, in Hartford. The interview was led by the Docent Manager, and 2- docents, of long-standing—12-years later she still remembers the last question. Why do you think you belong here? "Well, I never tire of looking at a museum painting, because there’s always something new to discover.”

Strom Scherie served the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art, in Hartford, Connecticut, 4- years, "full-time" and the Baker Museum, in Naples, Florida, going on 8-years. “Many museum-goers don’t know docents volunteer just to share the joy of art.”

Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art

ART HISTORY | Marilyn Stokstad | Michael W. Cothren 4th Edition. 2-semesters. 6-months observing & sharing tours, before an assigned docent ok’s the final tour to graduate.

1. Learn teaching techniques for preK-13, adults, and families 2. “Full-time” docents are assigned up to 2-tours daily mid-September to mid-June. 3. Docent graduates—are committed to at least 2-years.

Curator of Education trains relocated and untrained docents together. Newbies are evaluated by the curator and experienced docents.

1. Docents discuss all aspects of traveling exhibits with the curator. 2. Curator recommends navigation between galleries, floors and a simultaneous tour. 3. Walkthroughs arranged for Q and A with docents and artist, in the gallery.

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