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Ahh holiday. They are a good time of the year, but my goodness, many things happen often. Between spending time with your family and occasionally going out to surf, it is difficult to spend time and energy in finding the perfect gift for your loved one. Therefore, we took the liberty to plan some projects that are sure to win for surfers and outdoor enthusiasts in your life. If you are gift-giving, this list will definitely give you some festive atmosphere.

Click on the gallery above to scroll through our complete holiday gift guide and get more detailed information about each item. Your friends and family will be glad you did.

Your chair, your cooler and your backpack, Voyager is your front seat for everything outdoors. Below the seat is a welded and sealed cooler for easy access to your favorite beverage. The cooler is detachable for personal use, allowing your beverage to stay cold for several hours. The ergonomic backpack strap turns Voyager into a backpack, allowing your hands to freely carry anything you need in a day. Find a seat, open a cold one, and enjoy. Buy it here.

The new RB1 Plus is the lightest suit in the Buell series. At less than three pounds, it officially became our top premium suit. Made with the same style and performance characteristics as the iconic RB1, and added a new ultra-light fur called F3 Thermal (FireFlexFabric). Triple bonding and blind seams, sealed with ultra-thin internal seams, this suit surpasses its weight class in terms of warmth. Buy it here.

RinseKit Pro is a portable shower that is fully battery-powered, which means it can be injected from any water source and provides high-pressure spray at the push of a button. A 3.5-gallon water tank can provide 6 minutes of continuous shower time at 50 PSI, and through five different sprayer settings, you can deal with sandy wetsuits, salty hair and muddy boots anytime, anywhere. Buy it here.

Arbor Pilsner Flagship is a perfect all-round cruiser skateboard. The Pilsner template has a rounded concave surface and a wide standing platform, making this cruiser comfortable, fun and practical. As part of the flagship collection, Pilsner is made from seven layers of sustainable Canadian Maple and Palisander Wood top and bottom panels, highlighting the iconic wood finish that Arbor has been rocking since 1995. Buy now.

Add ordinary table salt to remove pests in your house fun and efficiently. BUG-A-SALT 3.0 has customized improvements, such as cross-bolt safety, stronger springs to form a tighter salt shape, and improved accuracy with a raised barrel and a new Patridge sight. At only US$34.99 by the end of this year, BUG-A-SALT 3.0 is the perfect gift for serious fly hunters in your life, those who are too squeamish to squash bugs with their hands, or anyone who can release a little energy . Buy here.

Traveling around the world? Survive for months in remote areas? This is the watch you want to wear on your wrist. Driven by light (sun, lights, candles) and assembled in the United States, the 20ATM Vaer D4 Solar Diver will keep you on time (and stylish) in all conditions, including extreme ocean depths. D4 offers a double dome sapphire crystal, 2x interchangeable straps and Vaer guaranteed waterproof warranty. The code "HOLIDAY20" only gives you a 20% discount this week, including free shipping and returns. Use "HOLIDAY20" this week to enjoy a 20% discount

Thread's patented vertical card holder is a slim wallet with iconic elastic pockets in the eye-catching Palms color. Thread's tight knit elastic bands have been tested and approved and can be used on road trips, beach days, hiking, etc. to ensure safety. ‍ Pair it with one of Thread's keychain clips, which are designed to be clipped to your belt loop, backpack or bag. It is the perfect companion for your Thread wallet or keys you don't want to lose. Buy now.

From the field to the meeting room, Klean Kanteen's vacuum insulation TKWides keeps drinks hot or cold. With its new TK Closure™ internal thread design and award-winning Climate Lock™ double-wall vacuum insulation material, TKWides is at the forefront of thermal performance. TKWides has a smooth and rounded lip and five interchangeable lids to provide a more comfortable and diversified drinking experience. TKWides adopts food-grade 18/8 stainless steel structure and anti-chip Klean Coat™ surface treatment, which is sturdy and durable and can cope with extreme conditions and daily life. Buy it here.

Arbor's Groundswell collection brings together the pinnacle of surf-inspired skateboard design. A complete plank for offline cruises, power hacking, and old-school carving. The shape, art and performance of each model reflect the deep connection between surfing and skateboarding. The Sizzler is a dovetail thruster designed to drastically cut the embankment, sculpt tight pocket turns, and let you move when the waves are flat. Buy it here.

The performer has just been powered on. Combine the style, excitement and durability of BMX bicycles with the advantages of electric bicycles to provide you with GT's Power Performer. With nine speeds, five-level wheel drive pedal assist, shock-absorbing seats, and large-size wheels, you have a bicycle that can't be stopped! Use Power Performer to further enjoy the fun. To learn more, read our full review of the product here. Buy now.

El Garibaldi robe is California Cowboy's interpretation of the lost poolside luxury art, using absorbent cotton modal terry cloth lining, sunglasses ring, dry bag for mobile phones and bottle bags for iced drinks. Internal ties make it dignified when changing clothes or hanging out. Après-Surf has reached its peak. The Dawn Patrol print pays tribute to those who are committed to being number one during the break or the first chair, who got up to capture the first time of the day before the sun rises. For those who are about to patrol, we salute you. Buy now.

The Moss ski jacket is an all-around ski/snowboard jacket, suitable for use in resorts or remote areas. It is a lightweight and versatile outer layer that has been water-repellent, even in deep powder, it can help water droplets fall off instead of immersing. There are more pockets than you can put in, and you are ready to color coordinate with Montec's full range of snow clothing. If you are looking for the ultimate combination of style and function, the Moss ski jacket is your best choice. Buy now .

Dope Snow's Pile sweater is the ultimate middle layer for coping with the coldest mountain conditions or staying comfortable year-round. Made of ultra-thick 380gsm 100% polyester fleece fabric, and has multiple functions, such as chimney collar, quarter zipper for heat adjustment, elastic cuffs, large zippered hand warmer pockets on the front, and protection from wind The belted hem, once you put it on, you will want to know how you live without it. Buy now.

The new RB2 meets all conditions. The all-black diving suit is made of warm, light and elastic neoprene, with a low-key appearance, which is both classic and classic. The easy-to-use single-sided diagonal zipper entry system keeps you dry when the water temperature drops. Buell's torso F3 Thermal lining, triple bonded and blind seams, and external seam sealing make RB2 Collction the warmest wetsuit in the Buell collection. Buy it here.

Calido Mule combines the extraordinary comfort and mental state of sandals with the soft-touch textile upper and Sherpa fur lining, making it ideal for keeping warm in cold weather. The open back makes them easy to put on and take off, and the outsole provides plenty of grip for indoor or outdoor use. Whether you are working from home, drinking coffee in the morning, or checking the surf during a dawn patrol, Calido Mule is sure to keep your feet comfortable and carefree. Buy now.

If you start looking for untracked gunpowder in remote areas, then you should start with this course. Learn basic field skills from big mountain skier Nick Russell, and learn important avalanche awareness skills from avalanche coach Sam Thackeray. This course will enable you to make more informed decisions, find better snow, and have more fun with safety as your top priority.

From now until Christmas, use the code "HOLIDAY30" to enjoy a 30% discount.

Learn surf photography from one of the best surf photographers on the planet. The famous lens expert Zak Noyle teaches how to: compose pictures in the water, shoot beach breaks, reef breaks and point breaks, optimize your settings, shoot motions, blur speed, choose lenses, use proper etiquette, develop customer relationships, stay safe, and His knowledge of shooting award-winning images in the ocean throughout his life will transform your enthusiasm into a successful business. Use "HOLIDAY30" to enjoy a 30% discount.

Learn how to land your first plane or take your aerial game to new heights. Whether you are an intermediate surfer who wants to experience sky surfing for the first time, or your sky surfing has reached a stable state and you need the promotion of an expert, Matt Meola has shared his life's innovative experience to help you bring the sky game to the next level. A stage level. Use "HOLIDAY30" to enjoy a 30% discount.

Regardless of your skill level, taking your surfing to the next level is daunting. Learn how to push yourself, stay calm, and manage fear during heavy surfing from one of the best big wave surfers on the planet. The respected sailor Mark Healey teaches you how to improve your breathing, sail in a barrel, and cultivate the mindset of survival under extreme conditions from his lifelong ocean knowledge.

Learn to hang five, ten and high heels from the legend. Kassia calls it the "Holy Grail" of surfing. It's like flying. She also wants to help you experience it. There is nothing like it. As professional surfer Alex Gray said, “Take a surf lesson from Kassia Meador is like a baseball lesson from Babe Ruth.”

Are you fascinated by sharks?

Whether you just want to learn more about the behavior of these top predators or how to avoid unfavorable encounters, few people on earth can have close contact with sharks in the water like researcher Ocean Ramsey. She has lifelong knowledge that can turn your fears into obsessions and create a safer environment for sharks and humans.

Happy holidays, friends! We hope you and your loved ones are full of joy, passion and time. When you are there, you might as well be in the water or in the snow.

Photo: Drew Farwell via Unsplash.

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