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2021-12-13 19:25:20 By : Mr. Bei Chen

Saint Charles Village-At the Saint Charles Village Committee meeting held on Tuesday, December 7, John Olsen, Project Manager of Spicer Group, outlined the various projects that the village is advancing.

He reported that the design of the water pipe project is in progress. The design is about 85% complete. Belle Avenue has many utilities, and they need to decide where to install the water pipes. Construction is expected to start in 2022 and 2023. Olsen hopes to bid on the project in January or February 2022.

Regarding the drinking water asset management plan, Olsen said: “We have received a list of water customers in and out of the village, and are compiling a list of randomly vacuumed excavation and inspection sites. Neil Noack and Kayla Osenbaugh have completed the A preliminary site review of the location, taking photos and determining whether each location is suitable for hydraulic excavation. If the location is in a driveway, paved area or sensitive area, we will cross it from the random list and move it to the next location. According to the latest Lead and Copper Rules (LCR), a total of 174 water services need to be checked to meet EGLE’s minimum service line material verification requirements. After refining the list, we need to identify another 10 to 20 random locations and collect their information. If the weather Yes, we will get this information in the next one or two weeks. We are currently compiling the specifications and tender documents for the vacuum excavation of the water supply service."

During the meeting, he explained that there are many communities that need these services; he hopes to get a package deal of services with other communities.

Olsen also outlined the sewer system to the village committee. The sanitary sewer system was installed in the village of St. Charles in the 1960s; most of it was constructed from vitrified clay pipes. He explained that over time, the joints of the vitrified clay pipe tended to leak. He suggested lining the pipeline to extend the service life of the pipeline by approximately 50 years. He said that the overall condition of the sewer pipes is very good.

Olsen explained that later, as the village extended its sewer services, it switched to reinforced concrete pipes, and then the now commonly used PVC. Olson recommends lining these pipes as well.

He reported that Spicer conducted a rate study and studied what capital improvements were needed. Olsen explained that they came up with a rate plan to maintain the sewer system at the lowest residential cost. The proposed capital improvement plan includes the replacement of several manhole covers.

Olsen said: "All three lift stations need work. The main one is the oldest and needs to be replaced."

He estimated the cost of a new elevator station to be US$500,000; or about US$300,000 for the elevator station rehabilitation center. Olsen recommends rehabilitation so that people in the village public works department don't have to work in confined areas. The head of DPW, Don Ackerman, considers the restoration of the elevator station to be a top priority.

In addition, the lagoon needs work. Olsen said: "The DPW staff did a great job maintaining (the lagoon). The latest battery was built in 1989, and the others are 50 years old."

Summarizing the sewer system, Olsen said that he did recommend raising the sewer rate to cover the cost of improvement. These improvements include updating the main lifting station, pipeline lining and replacing several manhole covers. "This is the foundation of a water asset management plan," he said.

At the end of his overview of the sewer system, Olsen said he will introduce the village's rainwater system to the committee at the meeting next month.

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