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2021-12-13 19:21:22 By : Ms. Gloria Gong

Victaulic's FireLock™ IGS type V9 sprinkler coupling and trough sprinkler not only simplify the installation method and speed of the fire protection system, but also improve the safety and system confidence of the job site.

As the world's leading manufacturer of mechanical pipe connection systems, Victaulic understands the impact of simplified system solutions on its effectiveness.

Victaulic released the first UL certified grooved mechanical joint for fire piping services in 1952. Today, Victaulic technology includes a complete range of fire-fighting trench joints, fittings, sprinklers, equipment and accessories to meet the needs of fire-fighting piping systems.

According to Marcel Ley, Regional Manager of Victaulic South Africa, these innovations are designed to replace traditional threads on outlets and sprinklers. Mechanical connections redefine the design and installation of sprinkler systems in exposed applications, especially in storage and storage. .

“The storage, warehouse and distribution center departments have undergone significant growth and transformation, and therefore require fire extinguishing devices that are easy to install, maintain and reconfigure,” explained Marcel Ley, Victaulic South Africa regional manager. "Victaulic already has a unique product and service portfolio that can provide value and versatility from the street to the sprinkler, and the installed sprinkler technology just combines the advantages of using Victaulic."

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Ley explained that the connection of the innovative coupling design consists of a single bolt, which in turn is installed on a sprinkler with a connection size of ½ inch, 3/4 inch or 1 inch, and transitioned to 1 inch to achieve standardized 1 inch IGS The socket makes the project easier to plan, design and solder. The simplification of the coupling leads to the simplification of installation, which not only improves the safety of on-site work, but also facilitates future maintenance of the drill.

Victaulic became famous in 2005. The company's installation-ready technology allows for easy on-site installation. Sprinklers and connectors are pre-assembled, and there is no need to loosen parts or prepare before installation.

"The biggest time saving and labor management advantage seen by introducing installation-ready technology into sprinkler installations is the elimination of sprinkler preparation and related consumables, such as tape," Ley commented. "By eliminating the need to install consumables, assemblers can focus on installing system components, thereby reducing time and unnecessary installation work."

The other advantage of this solution is that they do not require complex training or tools. Visually confirm whether a bolt pad is installed correctly, instead of using a torque wrench, which makes installation easier and gives users peace of mind.

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Since the installer currently uses the sprinkler wrench to install the sprinkler, this kind of repetitive motion that is physically demanding may cause unnecessary damage to the sprinkler itself due to excessive torque. However, this problem is alleviated in Victaulic's solution because it uses a single bolted mechanical connection, allowing fitters to use power tools to reduce wear on their bodies and avoid applying torque directly to the sprinkler frame .

"Reducing the amount of torque applied to the sprinkler frame and replacing the frictional connection with a mechanical connection, in turn reduces the possibility of leakage when the system is pressurized. Rework due to leakage will add an average of one day to each system, which will eventually Bring unnecessary costs to any project."

"As Victaulic, we are committed to providing our customers with simplified solutions that save time and money, while enhancing confidence in the overall system. With the advent of our installation-ready sprinkler solutions, customers can now use The easiest and safest installation method on the market today ultimately improves their productivity and working environment," Ley concludes.

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