I'm a gardening expert - my 'drip feed' system means you don't have to worry about watering your plants | The US Sun

2022-06-18 18:59:47 By : Ms. Daisy Aite

WHETHER you're the type of plant parent who constantly forgets to water your shrubs, or someone who stresses about finding a plant-sitter while you're away, this hack is for you.

Using a few items you probably have laying around the house, you can ensure your plants never go thirsty again.

Armen Adamjan from Creative Explained posted a viral gardening hack which allows you to water your plants while you're away.

For this DIY hack, all you need is a water bottle, scissors, a Q-tip, tape, and chopsticks.

First, poke a hole in the lid of your water bottle, just large enough to fit the Q-tip in.

Next, tape the chopstick to the side of the bottle so that you can secure the bottle just above the soil.

Remove the lid and fill the bottle with water.

Replacing the lid, turn the bottle upside down and stick the chopstick end into the soil of your plant.

The water should begin dripping slowly, down the Q-tip and onto the soil.

"What you have right now is a homemade drip system, that's going to keep watering your plants slowly," explained Armen, at the end of the video.

He concluded: "This is how I kept my pineapple alive while I was away for the week."

Viewers were impressed with the simple, eco-friendly hack, with one person writing: "Thank you sooo much!! Simple yet awesome idea!!"

Another follower said: "This definitely is one of your best ideas.... Drip irrigation redefined DIY."

A third user was so amazed their comment simply said: "And I thought Albert Einstein was the smart one."

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