How to avoid pipe bursts this winter-Dixon pilot

2021-12-13 19:08:11 By : Ms. Cecy Yan

The damage that can be caused by the severe cold season is usually unexpected and causes headaches for many homeowners. If you live in a climate with expected snow and freezing temperatures, we encourage you to take action before the holidays. Let's take a look at some best practices on how to avoid pipe bursts this winter so you can be prepared.

Once the outdoor temperature drops below the freezing point, your pipe will freeze and eventually burst. Although this is an extreme situation if you continue to use tap water, it can and does happen. Let cold water drip from the cold water tap to keep the water flow active and prevent the pipes from freezing.

When the pipeline freezes, the water expands and the pipeline bursts. If you have ever had to repair or replace pipes, you will understand how expensive it is for the homeowner. Installing heating strips is a more cost-effective way to combat freezing pipes, and it is a more straightforward solution than always using active water flow. When the temperature drops, the tape can heat your pipes as needed.

One of the simple tips on how to avoid a pipe burst this winter is to make sure you maintain the internal temperature of your home. It is common to manage thermostats to prevent high electricity bills. But when weighing the pros and cons of an energy bill or a potential pipeline disaster, consider choosing an energy bill.

As a homeowner, it may be beneficial to you to hire a professional to help your house survive the winter. They can perform routine maintenance and ensure that your pipeline meets current season standards. In addition to protection from the cold, they can also help you understand your sewer system and its basic functions so that you can assess the situation in the absence of professionals.

It is important to understand that your unheated internal pipes are at the greatest risk; this includes pipes in basements, garages, and attics. These are also low-traffic areas, so ensuring that you spend the winter thoroughly and consciously can save you a lot of trouble. Keep warm, guys!