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2022-05-28 00:10:34 By : Ms. Maggie King

The City of Driggs is fine-tuning a plan for water conservation measures in which residents can voluntarily participate. By staggering irrigation days, we can reduce the strain on our water supply during the warmest months of the year. For more information on the water system, read this TVN article: "Driggs eyes conservation measures due to city water supply issue." 

As of right now, the city's water system functions normally, and we will all do our part to keep it that way. You can help us deliver adequate water flow to all residents by volunteering to set your lawn watering schedule to the staggered days recommended for your address number. This ensures that our water well has time to deliver enough supply across the whole city without being overwhelmed on any given day or during the busiest times of the day.

Programs like these have been shown to reduce residential per-capita water use by approximately 30% and help encourage smart water use. Please set your lawn sprinkler system or remember to only turn on your sprinklers on these set days. Drip systems and hand watering are allowed any time. 

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