Guill Introduces New Generation of Extrusion Tooling |

2022-08-08 10:46:00 By : Ms. Tina Yu

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The latest generation of the Series 800 2- to 6-layer extrusion tooling from Guill Tool & Engineering is designed to produce high-quality, material-efficient 1/8- to 6-inch OD tubing for automotive, medical, appliance, and industrial applications. The redesigned tooling enables smooth extrusion and layer definition of tubing made from fluropolymers and other materials. It is suited for the production of multi-layer, multi-lumen medical tubing, as well as fuel-line constructions, multi-layer PEX pipe and drip irrigation systems, among other applications. The Guill design further allows thin-layer combinations of polymers and adhesives measuring 0.02 mm or less.  

Guill offers an extensive line of crossheads and inline tubing dies in fixed and adjustable center designs for single or co-extrusion applications. The tooling processes all compounds and features patented Feather Touch Concentricity adjustment and the Seal Right system — the combination eliminates polymer leakage, according to Guill.

All Guill tooling is produced using rigorous computer simulation of the flow channels by means of Computational Fluid Dynamics programs, ensuring optimal uniform flow with no weld lines.

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