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2021-12-13 19:15:46 By : Ms. sonia wang

It is said to be designed to minimize operator involvement and the use of manual tools, thereby improving safety.  

According to reports, Davis-Standard (DS) 4000AG automatic crosshead is specially designed for elastomer hoses. It can provide closed-loop, step-driven tube concentricity and wall thickness automatic control in a hands-free, low-maintenance package. .

DS stated that the device is designed to minimize operator involvement and the use of hand tools, thereby improving safety. The fixed die of the cross head does not need to loosen or tighten the bolts for fine adjustment. For concentricity adjustment, the operator uses a joystick instead of a manual wrench. The wall thickness modification is step-driven, eliminating the need for hand tools and invasive thickness measurement equipment.

For easy operation, the HMI touch screen interface of the crosshead simplifies the functions. Simplifies the consistency between initial tool settings and maintenance operators. Instant online product feedback helps identify and correct nonconformities, reduce errors and promote reliable qualified results.

Programmable functions provide seamless integration of existing or new X-ray gauge control. In terms of retrofitting, many existing 2000 and 3000 heads can be retrofitted to take advantage of 4000AG automatic design functions. These transformations require the current 2000/3000 standard tools. The signal provided by the existing X-ray measuring instrument and controller has been integrated into the Davis-Standard PLC controller.

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