A stage performer kicked me a ceiling tube at the Cambridge Body/Candy Show and the venue was flooded

2021-12-13 19:08:56 By : Mr. John Wong

Now, Show Me The Body, Candy and the Regional Justice Center look like the absolute highlights of the East Coast trip. On Tuesday night, the tour started in an unpredictable manner in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The three bands were originally scheduled to perform in the long-running club in the Middle East, but the performance ended early. As reported by New England Sounds, someone performed a forward somersault stage dive in the Candy scene. In the process, the sprinkler pipe on the ceiling was kicked off.

In the video of the show, you can see Candy is still playing, while the water in the pipe is sprayed on the club, some people deliberately ran into the sprayer to soak themselves. (In a Reddit post about the incident, someone said "It smells terrible.") The fire department had to come and shut down the water source, and the show ended before Show Me The Body aired. Last night, Stick To Your Guns and Stray From The Path should have performed in the same venue. The performance still happened, but moved to the upper room in the Middle East. The moral of this story is: pay attention to your feet when you dive on the stage!

Sorry, the shit in Boston will happen tomorrow at the first Unification Church in Philadelphia pic.twitter.com/cST1rF1Z6m

-Show me the body (@showmethebody) December 8, 2021

During @Candygonnadie pic.twitter.com/InPNTlbCKn, someone fell on the stage and burst the tube

Great performance tonight in the Middle East pic.twitter.com/SDMPlESwET

Show me the submerged body show 😓 pic.twitter.com/npizSitgFm

I survived the great @showmethebody sprinkler flood in 2021

I'm going to watch this tour tomorrow night, I can't wait.

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